Dr. Faten Khorshid

  • Dr. Faten Khorshid is one of the top inventors in Saudi Arabia, who has a great achievement in her field of science by using camels’ urine to cure cancer.
  •  She was a professor in the medical biology lab in King Abdulaziz University and an engineer genetic structure.
  • She and her faculty members in (KAAU) and King Fahd Center for Medical Research spent over five years searching in camels’ urine.
  • They discovered that this urine contains nano particles that can attack cancer cell with success.
  • At first, she began with her own experiment by making vaccinations of leukemic cancer cells and injecting it in to mice along with the camel urine to test the results.
  • According to Saudi Gazette, Dr. faten claimed that after reading what our prophet said about camels’ urine and that it contains a natural substance that destroys a number of cancer cells in the patient’s body.This treatment is not an invention, but rather, taken from our Prophet’s legacy.”
  • A very old story happened in our prophet’s days that people came to Al-Madina and fell sick. The prophet told them to mix the milk and the urine of the camel and drink it. After that, they fell much better.
  • As a researcher in a biology lab not a medical doctor, she indicates that she must be prepared when testing a drug and know the how it is made and its effects.
  • In this article, she said that she was researching for seven years and studying about camels’ urine to show the International Cancer Institute.
  •  According to her studies she did on patients with many kinds of cancer, she found that the capsules and the syrups did not have harmful side effects on them.
  • One example, a volunteer patient with lung cancer has taken the medication of the camels’ urine and after one month, the tumor was shrinking in size.
  • Following the prophets advice, Dr. Faten combined the milk and the urine of the camel to develop her medicine and focus on the types of cancer such as blood, lung, breast, colon, brain, stomach cancer.
  • In addition, she advices cancer patients to use at first the milk and the urine individually then later combined.
  • For other diseases such as eczema, vitiligo, and psoriasis, she will only give out the medicine by a prescription from the doctor.
  • Soon she will prove that capsules, syrups, shampoo, soaps and gels that contains the camels’ urine and milk will cure other problems but after they receive the license from the ministry of health and a from a pharmaceutical company.
  • Finally her study is approved from Ethics Committee of Scientific Research at KAAU, also she have receive the golden medal for the best invention in 2008 and her medicine was selected as one of the six best medicines at the International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) in 2009.
  • This drug discovered has played a huge role in the treating cancer.
  • A study Dr. Faten accomplished by separating the ingredient PM701 in the camel urine that is the clean substance. In the study, there were fourteen volunteers with age 21 – 48 years between male and female.
  • They were involved in medical tests such as the kidney and the liver tests and they were clinically examined.
  • In addition, they had the same tests and examinations after they had taken the capsules that contained PM701 substance.
  • After 28 days, there were no opposite effects on the inside organs. Liver and kidney were not affected also the blood pattern was the same after and before the treatment.
  • However, two patients developed hyperacidity that was easily treated.
  • Finally, she thinks that soon this study should be obtained on people who have the same type of cancer or several type of cancer aiming to know which type of cancer PM701 will treat and to learn more and get more knowledge about the side effects and how to manage them.  


Scientific qualification:

                                  Dr. Faten Khorshid studied at King Abdul Aziz University. She got both bachelor and master degrees from there in 1983, 1989 respectively. After many years, she was in her way to Scotland in order to get PhD in cell engineering from Glasgow University in 2001

:Her Prizes and Awards

            Dr. Faten had participated in many exhibitions. As a result, she had won several prizes for her research, such as: the gold medal in the field of medicine and pharmacy in 2010, the gold medal in same exhibition that hold in Riyadh in 2008, and honor prize from Medicine Faculty for the title of “Associate Professor”.  


        Dr. Faten worked hard in order to be one of the inventors whose inventions have an impact in human life. As a result, her invention was recorded in many patent offices – local and international -, such as: the Gulf Cooperation Council, US Patent office, Europe Patent Office, Chinese Patent office.


       Dr. Faten published several books. Some of her books are educational books were made to help first year medical students. Her books’ titles are: Laboratory Manual of Biology Part I –has two editions-, Laboratory Manual of Biology Part II, and Zinc – an Arabic book-.


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