Our Model

Dr. Faten Khorshid

Every person should have a role model in his academic life and read about him. This was the aim of the ESP project we done in our second session. My partner and I started researching on our model Dr. Faten Khorshid. We have been interested in her invention and her brave work as a woman with other responsibilities. After research and reading what Dr. Faten did, I learned many things also; she inspired me to complete my mission in being a successful doctor with my own invention. She revealed to me that it is not hard to think of something new and try to approve it. Moreover, I learned that if you have a strong faith in yourself, you could do it no matter what.

            Dr. Faten Khorshid, who discovered a cure for cancer from the urine of the camel, was at first a person who wanted to fulfill her dreams. Therefore, by reading many books she became a well-known professor in biology lab. Therefore, by reading and searching you may find something new to search and invent.

            Dr. Faten has inspired me to be a successful doctor by her strong personality and her strong confidence in her. She had many problems that faced her, but with her belief in herself, she overcame these problems. Therefore, I am continuing my track in the medical field with lots of courage and confidence.

            How would I like to emulate her career? A question every person should ask himself about his model. For me with Dr. Faten I would like to walk the same path she walked in her educational life. At first, she was studying in a biology lab, as she wanted to be a professor. Then by reading, she made a great invention that is used in many medicines and even lotions and shampoos.

            In my project, we did a research essay and a blog about our research and about our doctor, and if I had the same project maybe I would do a whole website, a YouTube video, or even conduct an interview personally.

            Finally, I hope my research and blog wins the interest of many readers.


  Each experiment teaches us a lesson. These lessons that we learned could inspire us to do something, change something or even believe in something. Our experiences in this semester with the ESP Project taught us a lot, .inspired us a lot


     Our person of significance gave us a great lesson in how being successful. She motivates us to insist on achieve what

.we want since it is the way to success. I learned that by being patient my dreams will become true

     While I was reading Dr. Faten’s CV , I was wondering how could a married woman with three children has the ability to do what she has done. She taught me indirectly that being successful means to be successful in all aspects of life. .Also, she inspired me to invent an invention which can change peoples’ lives and my life as well 

Having a role model helps you to reach your goals especially if he / she was in the same field of yours. In my case, I would emulate Dr. Faten in being an inventor whose inventions make a revolution in the medical field. Although she invented a cure for a fatal disease, she did not stop searching for a new invention which may change peoples’ lives as .

.her first discover does

     Evaluate what you have done helps you to avoid some mistakes and gives you the chance to change some of your ideas to a better ones. In my next ESP project – if I have one – , I would make an interview with my PoS so I can get the information from its source. Also, I would do a questionnaire about the PoS to see if the others have a good knowledge

.about him / her


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