Dr. Faten Khorshid

A long time ago when people used to get ill, they used to travel to other countries to look for a cure.  They did not imagine that they could find medicine in the place where they lived in. Camel’s milk and urine had been used since our prophet came to this world; he used to prescribe this kind of medicine when people came to him in a bad condition. A story told in his life when a group of people came to Al- Medina and fell sick, so the prophet told them to mix the camel’s milk and urine and drink it. After that, they became much better, and from that time, it is used. Nowadays in the 21st century, many diseases have spread out, such as many types of cancer. Cancer these days is the most frightening disease in the world, but a Saudi woman doctor named Faten Khorshid discovered a perfect cure for every type of cancer. This drug discovery has played a huge role in treating cancer.

Dr. Faten Khorshid is one of the top inventors in Saudi Arabia, who made a great achievement in her field of science by using camel’s urine to cure cancer. She was born in Riyadh, but lived in Jeddah. In 1983, she received her bachelor’s degree in biology. In addition, in 1989, she had her master’s degree in the tissue of animals. Moreover in 2000, she was selected as by the Saudi embassy as one of the best students in London, UK and Ireland.

Finally and most importantly in 2001, she got her PhD in tissue engineering. She is a professor in the medical biology lab in King Abdul-Aziz University ( KAAU ) in Jeddah. She and her faculty members in King Abdul-Aziz University and King Fahd Center for Medical Research spent over five years searching for a medication for all types of cancer in the camels urine.  In an interview, she claimed that she spent seven years searching and studying about camels urine to show the International Cancer Institute.

Dr. Faten Khorshid and her faculty members discovered that the camels’ milk and urine contains nano particles that can attack cancer cells successfully. According to Saudi Gazette News, Dr. Faten Khorshid claimed in her own words “This treatment is not an invention, but rather, taken from our Prophet’s legacy,”[1] Following the prophets advice, Dr. Faten Khorshid began searching about the camels’ milk and urine to prove it.

At first, she began with her own idea and experiment by making vaccinations of leukemic cancer cells and injecting it into mice, and then she injected camel urine to observe the result. Adapting to what our prophet said she started to combine the milk and the urine of the camel to develop her work and to focus on the types of cancer, such as blood, lung, breast, colon, brain, and stomach cancer.

According to a study done on a volunteer patient with lung cancer, he took the medication of camel’s milk and urine for one month. As a result, the tumor shrunk in size. Furthermore, Dr. Faten advises cancer patients to use the milk and the urine of the camel at first individually and then both are combined later.

When Dr. Faten advises many of the cancer patients to medicate themselves by the camels milk and urine, they complained that it was filthy. But, Dr. Faten accomplished a study and proved that the urine of the camel contains a clean ingredient called PM701 and separated it from the urine itself.

To add more, Dr. Faten suggested that other diseases might be cured by the milk or the urine of the camel, such as eczema, vitiligo, and psoriasis (skin problems), but this kind of medicine needs a prescription from a doctor.

            Her achievements and her personality inspire us to fulfill our dreams to be successful doctors either in our academic lives or in our professional lives. She overcame several problems that she faced during the educational journey, due to her strong faith in Allah firstly and herself as well. Although she is a Saudi woman, she had made several innovations many people could not achieve. While reading about Dr. Faten, she encouraged us indirectly to broaden our knowledge in our specific medical field so we can invent something that changes people’s lives. Eventually, we will follow Dr. Faten’s steps so we could motivate someone else as she did.

Finally her study is approved from the Ethics Committee of Scientific Research at ( KAAU ), also she has received the golden medal for the best invention in 2008 and her medicine was selected as one of the best six medicines at the International Innovation and Technology Exhibition ( ITEX ) [i] in 2009. Dr. Faten Khorshid had worked very hard in her inventions aiming for herself to be the best Saudi woman in the medical biology labs.

[1] Farah Mustafa Wadi, 2011, Saudigezette News, Nano-particles in Camels” Urine May Help Treat Cancer” , accessed April 29, 2011, <http://www.saudigazette.com.sa/index.cfm?method=home.regcon&contentID=2009071143333 >


[i] Farah Mustafa Wadi, 2011, Saudigezette News, Nano-particles in Camels” Urine May Help Treat Cancer” , accessed April 29, 2011, <http://www.saudigazette.com.sa/index.cfm?method=home.regcon&contentID=2009071143333 >


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