Statement of Interest

Dr. Faten Khorshid

            Every person who has a goal or a dream must have a model that will hopefully help him succeed. According to my model, she is Dr. Faten Khorshid who was an associated professor in the department of medical biology in King Abdul-Aziz University. She discovered a cure for cancer by using the urine of the camel. I am interested in her because she worked very hard to find a cure for this kind of disease that has threatened many families and even though she was a woman, she did it. She had many rewards such as in 2000, she was selected by the Saudi Embassy in London as one of the best Saudi students in the UK and Ireland. In addition, she got a Gold medal for being the Saudi Arabian Inventor in 2008, and many more.

            Dr. Faten has earned three degrees in her life. In 2001, she received her PHD certificate in Glasgow University, in Scotland. In 1989, she earned MSC in King Abdul-Aziz University, and she earned BSC in King Abdul-Aziz University in 1983. Moreover, she wrote two books that helped medical students in the first year of medical science. The title of both books are” Laboratory Manual of Biology” part one was in 2004, part one second edition was in 2007, and part two was in 2005. In addition, she wrote a book titled “Zinc” but it is in Arabic language. Mostly, her field has a higher impact on medicine and how to cure the deficiency and the weakness of the cells. For example, she has her own product called “FK LOTION” that contains the urine of the camel that helps cure burns and repair dead cells. 

            Finally, Dr. Faten is well known in the medical field, especially in Biology labs, and for her respect and regards to herself as a Saudi woman and as an inventor.



          Prophet Mohammed – peace be upon him – said, “Each illness has its cure”. This explains why      many people are interested on discovering some medicines – especially doctors- to help patients so they overcome their sickness. Let’s take cancer as an example for fatal illness. One of the treatments which was discovered by Dr. Faten Khorshid is using camel’s urine. In this essay I will give a brief summary about Dr. Faten Khorshid. Also, I will discuss the points of interests.




          Dr. Faten Khorshid who is an engineer genetic structure was born in Riyadh. She is working at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah as an associated professor in the department of medical biology. Also, she had a patent for her discovery which makes a revolution in medical field regarding its importance as a cure of cancer. Her discover that based on one of prophet Mohammed’s says helps in medicating cancer despite its weirdness.




           I am interesting on her achievements and her personality as well. She encouraged me to be successful woman either in my academic life or in my personal life. Furthermore, she overcame the difficulties that she faced due to her faith in Allah first, and in herself. Although she is Saudi woman, she made something many other people could not achieve it.




     Finally, her innovation makes a change in her life and others’ lives as well. She also participates in encouraging people to follow her steps – without her knowing-so they can change the world.


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